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What Is Your Art Worth? Why eBay Is the Fastest Way of Appraising Art

Many people might not think of Fine Art and eBay together. But in fact eBay is among the main ways that art changes hands these days. Do a search of a famous artist, from Picasso to Andy Warhol, and you will likely find instances of their original works changing hands.Before the Internet era, art lovers were limited in their quest to find the artwork they wanted to adorn their walls. Gone are the days, however, when sellers relied on selling through local markets, art houses, and auctions. eBay is a great equalizer in making art of all kinds available to everyone, everywhere, all the time. eBay is perhaps the largest marketplace for selling drawings, paintings, photos, posters, prints, or sculptures.Many art sellers successfully sell pieces of art to collectors around the world. Sellers can be professional art dealers, artists, or fellow collectors looking to sell their personal pieces. These can range from limited-edition lithographs to marble sculptures. Decorating the home or office accounts for the largest share of art purchases and will represent the majority of prospects in your appraisal. Subject matter and aesthetic considerations are also cited as strong motivators behind purchasing art. All of these factor in to the appraised value of art.

Using eBay to research art prices is fairly simple. First, it helps to know just a little about the art – such as who made it – the artist. Or the title of the piece. You’ll need enough information for eBay to show search results.Type the artist’s name into the search bar on eBay. If you see other listings, compare the specifics of their listings to yours. Is yours framed? The same size? Is yours an original, or a limited edition print? Use the search results to refine the keywords that you used in your search. Your initial search will be very revealing. If you cannot find any references on eBay to art similar to what you have, your art may not have a lot of value; that’s because a purchaser would want the same information that you’d have put into your eBay search, and if no one is selling that artist on eBay, there is a strong likelihood that your art is not a top-dollar masterpiece.

Using eBay may be a crude indicator of evaluating Fine Art. But using eBay as your first step in researching artwork that falls into your lap is a good place to start.